• Package Deal

    We look at four contenders that want to become the Linux universal package manager, although the reality is still on the horizon.

  • Magic Act

    With a highly secure Linux server, you don't need a fixed IP address to connect over a cellphone network from anywhere on the planet if you have a Magic URL.

  • NEWS

    Updates on technologies, trends, and tools.

  • Sharing Alike

    With the advent of free software for non-programmers, users ran into a licensing dilemma in a world of proprietary fonts.

News and Articles

  • NEWS

    Updates on technologies, trends, and tools

  • On the DVD

    Arch Linux and Chapeau 24

  • Gaming

    The tastiest brain candy to relax those tired neurons.

  • Speak to Me

    The old Microsoft gave the cold shoulder to Skype for Linux, neither updating it nor equipping it with new features. The new Microsoft promises to do better, with a brand new alpha prerelease version of a Linux client for the famous telephony tool.

  • Matching Paint Job

    Deep learning isn't just for industrial automation tasks. With a little help from Gimp and some special neural network tools, you can add color to your old black and white images.

  • Welcome Linux Voice Readers

    If you're a Linux Voice reader, you may be wondering what this magazine you have in your hands is – I'll get to that, but first I'll start with a little background information. Three years ago, we set out to create a great Linux magazine, and to our eternal gratitude (and surprise) many of you supported us through our crowd funding campaign, and together we launched Linux Voice.

  • Ask Klaus

    Taming your time zone in Knoppix 7.7

  • Light and Shadow

    In the office, the interoperability and cooperation of a few programs play an important role. We take the four big Linux office suites to task and see how well they cope with non-native formats.

  • Berry Service

    Sys admin Charly likes to keep up with the state of his domestic strawberry plants, so he has outsmarted WhatsApp to allow status messages to be sent through the service from a PC or Raspberry Pi.

  • Free and Social

    GNU social is a free and open source microblogging platform similar to Twitter. You can join one of the public federated servers or set up your own in minutes.

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