Kernel Patches Test Suspend States at Runtime

Nov 09, 2007

Two patches by Rafael J. Wysocki give users the ability to test suspend and hibernation modes at runtime to detect errors.

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Less Watts: Intel's Power Saving Initiative for Linux

Sep 21, 2007

At its own Intel Developer Forum (IDF) the semiconductor manufacturer introduced its power saving initiative. Under the Less Watts umbrella a number of Open Source projects have joined forces to help reduce the power consumption of Linux systems.

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Linuxconf Europe: Kernel Programming and Energy Efficiency

Sep 04, 2007

Today, the Linux Conference in Cambridge focused on energy saving and kernel power management.

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Aug 24, 2007
The beautiful city of San Francisco is much the same as last year – and the San Francisco LinuxWorld looks much the......
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Virtualization Intro Virtualization and Emulation in Linux

Aug 24, 2007

You’ll find a virtualization solution for every Linux environment – from the desktop to the enterprise server. In this month's cover story, we investigate some promising virtualization tools for Linux users.

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Network Block Devices A new mission for the network block device

Aug 31, 2006

You don’t need Samba or NFS to support a diskless client. A remote block device can help improve performance and efficiency. We'll show your how.

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KPowersave Cutting power costs with KPowersave

Jan 31, 2006

KPowersave gives KDE users a single easy interface for configuring power management settings.

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Ask Klaus!

Dec 31, 2005
Sound Cards I have put several Linux distros on my computer, and I could never find one that successfully installed......
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