Adobe’s Flash Player 9 for Linux


Article from Issue 76/2007

Adobe’s beta version of Flash Player 9 for Linux looks quite mature. Is it worth upgrading right now? This article looks into installing Flash Player 9 beta, and integrating a video camera and a microphone.

Flash Player 7 was one of those programs you didn’t really notice until it was gone; because of this, animations failed to appear, web movies wouldn’t run, or loudspeakers remained silent instead of playing web radio streams. When Linux users started to complain, the Gnash project embarked on creating a free clone of the proprietary software. Maybe this is what prompted Adobe to change course; mid-year, Adobe surprisingly announced a Linux-capable version 9 for 2007. The developers discussed their progress in their own blog [1], which became popular with the community, although communication between Linux users and the Adobe developers was fairly one-sided.

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