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This month: Knoppix 6.4 Exclusive & Fedora 14

Knoppix 6.4: The popular Knoppix is the quintessential Live troubleshooting tool for admins, developers, and desktop Linux users.

An impressive array of fix-it utilities, desktop tools, and management programs share a single, easy user interface, and the whole system follows you on a handy DVD you can boot from anywhere. The latest release, which includes more than 3,000 packages and improved support for Nvidia graphics cards, is currently available only through this magazine under an exclusive arrangement with Knoppix creator Klaus Knopper.

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  • Verification

    It's always useful to to have these covermount DVDs, to save a download/isoburn. If it's something I would otherwise definitely need to download (as with Fedora 14), it can make the difference between buying the mag or not.

    The Knoppix 6.4 would be bonus except that, because it is an 'exclusive', I have no independent way of verifying the disc against a secure hash, and without that I can't quite bring myself to boot any non-diskless PC from it.

    Really, we need the hashes, digitally signed by Klaus, or published on his domain (preferably both).

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Read full article as PDF:

006-006_DVD.pdf (1,013.28 kB)


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