Getting started with your new Fedora system

Exploring Fedora

© Lead Image © leksele,

© Lead Image © leksele,


Fedora might look foreign at first, but after a few minutes of finding your way around, you can feel right at home. To help jump start your journey into Fedora, let's take the grand tour.

The first time I installed Linux on a friend's computer, she said, "It looks like an expensive system." She's right. That such a polished, feature-packed operating system is available for free is hard to believe. So get comfortable and admire your new scenery as you explore your fresh surroundings. And now for the grand tour.


When you first log into your Fedora system, you will be greeted with a clean blue desktop and a simple black navigation bar at the top of the screen. Right-click on the blue background to change the background or to open the Settings menu.

Open the Settings menu to change your Personal and System settings and to access your Hardware settings (Figure 1). The Settings menu can also be accessed by typing "settings" into the search bar.


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