Expert photo processing with GIMP

Picture Perfect

© Lead Image © Elena Pimonova,

© Lead Image © Elena Pimonova,


Touch up your digital images with the GIMP image processing tool.

Today more people than ever can take great digital photographs inexpensively, and that means more people than ever have a need for high-quality image processing software. The GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) [1] is a great free tool you can use to process your digital photos. GIMP can easily handle even the most demanding photo retouching tasks.

First Look

When you open GIMP, the first thing you'll notice is a collection of separate floating windows scattered across your screen. To make your first steps a little easier, it might help to take advantage of the new "single-window" mode option, which places all the components in a single window. From the Windows menu, choose Single-Window Mode. This option remains enabled through subsequent restarts of GIMP.

The GIMP main window (in Single-Window mode) is shown in Figure  1. Notice the following important components:


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