Using Shotwell to manage photos

Photo Manager

© Lead Image © Iveta Aleksandrova Angelova,

© Lead Image © Iveta Aleksandrova Angelova,


We show how to use the Shotwell app to process, retouch, and organize your photos.

Whether you are an avid enthusiast photographer or just a casual shutterbug, you need a tool that can help you to manage your photos. And, Fedora has exactly what you need: the Shotwell photo management application [1]. Although Shotwell is not the most advanced tool of its kind, it offers all key features essential for importing, organizing, and tweaking photos. More importantly, the application sports a user-friendly interface that significantly reduces the learning curve.

Importing Photos

Shotwell lets you import photos from different sources, including local folders, external storage cards, and digital cameras connected to your machine. When you launch Shotwell for the first time, the application automatically imports all photos found in the Pictures folder (which also acts as Shotwell's library folder).

Of course, you can also import photos from other folders, too. To do this, choose File | Import From Folder and select the directory containing the photos you want to import. You can then choose to copy the photo files to your library folder or to import them without copying the files. The former option is better for keeping all photos neatly organized into a single collection, whereas the latter can come in handy if you prefer to keep photos in their original locations. Press the appropriate button and wait till Shotwell finishes importing photos. Keep in mind that, depending on the size and number of photos, the import action can take some time.


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