Polishing the terminal window with Bashish



Bashish adds a dash of style to the command line.

If you are a regular command line user, you may appreciate the spartan appearance of the terminal window. But for occasional shell users, or readers who would prefer a more playful approach, Bashish [1] opens a treasure trove of options. Bashish gives your terminal window a colorful ASCII graphic background.

Bashish lets you liven up the appearance of terminal programs such as Gnome Terminal, Xterm, Rxvt, Rxvt Unicode, Aterm, Mlterm, and the Linux Console, and you can change a limited range of settings such as the title bar in the Konsole KDE terminal emulation window. Bashish developer, Thomas Eriksson, is planning additional support for Konsole. He recommends using the bash shell, although the program will support other shells such as Zsh and Tcsh.