Finding dead web links with Linkchecker



Linkchecker grooms your site to uncover references to missing pages.

If you manage a big Internet site, you are probably familiar with the problem of dead links. An external page at the end of a link can easily go offline, and when a user clicks the link, the browser jumps headlong into a black hole. This problem can be difficult to catch, unless you plan to spend all your spare time testing links at your own website. If you’re looking for a faster way to hunt for holes, try Linkchecker. The easiest way to install Linkchecker [1] is to use a prebuilt version. For RPM-based systems such as Suse or Fedora, an RPM package with the current version 3.3 and a source code archive is available from [2]. Users with Debian derivatives should check out the site at [3] or install Linkchecker by running apt-get install linkchecker.