Better protection with Apache’s ModSecurity module



The Apache ModSecurity module provides extra protection for your web server. We'll show you why this optional application firewall is quickly becoming a favorite of webmasters and security experts.

Most commercial web servers are devoted to the purpose of serving up dynamic, script-generated content in a reliable way. The very nature of the Internet means that unkown visitors from anywhere in the world may pay a visit to the site. Unfortunately, this all-important interaction between visitors and the web application opens up an attack vector. A skillful attacker could use a vulnerability to gain unauthorized access to the web server, and, once inside, the intruder could employ adidtional tools and tricks to do things that developers or webmasters never intended. The potential for damage is enormous, ranging from exposed contents of confidential files to a complete root compromise. Cleanly programmed web applications provide one meaningful approach to preventing this kind of abuse, but the path is fraught with difficulty. Even the most experienced programmers are caught out from time to time, as vulnerabilities in established web applications just go to show.