Workshop: A quick and simple private tunnel with OpenVPN



Firewalls sometimes prohibit everything but everyday surfing, leaving users with no hope of running IRC or streaming servers through the firewall, unless they use a virtual private networking tool like OpenVPN.

A typical firewall configuration denies everything that isn’t strictly needed for daily work. Even relatively harmless tools such as a webcam or a personal IRC server won’t operate through a firewall. Apart from begging the sysop to change the ruleset, the only workaround may be to dig a private tunnel through the firewall with OpenVPN. This article describes how to tunnel through a firewall with a VPN connection. I’ll assume you already have OpenVPN installed on your Linux system or that you know where to find it. OpenVPN is a very common application that is included with many popular Linux distributions. See your vendor documentation for more on setting up OpenVPN.