More professional layout with Scribus

Typography and Text


In part two of this three-part series[1],Jason Walsh gets to some details on laying out a newspaper in Scribus.You’ll also learn about managing those tricky CMYK graphics files.

Last month, I showed how to create a desktop publishing project in Scribus, and I took the first steps for laying out our example newspaper by importing and inserting a nameplate. We also took a brief look at how to place text in a text frame. This month, we’ll look closer at entering, adjusting, fitting, and highlighting text. But first, we’ll start with the task of placing a leading photograph on the front page. Importing a Leading Image The leading image is a photo or other graphic image that accompanies an article and is positioned near the top of the page. The image file is created separately and then imported into Scribus. We will begin by placing a leading image on the first page of our Linux newspaper.