Exploring the New Internet


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Modern websites bear little resemblence to their legacy predecessors. We’ll show you why the new web is different and how you can benefit from the system of technologies we know collectively as Web 2.0.

Wikipedia, Google, and Myspace are shooting stars in the constellation of web content providers as we move on into a new millennium. These sites have one thing in common: a radical renunciation of the legacy concepts associated with the old World Wide Web. The companies embrace new technologies, and a new way of thinking that has come to be called Web 2.0. You’ll see some examples of new Internet technologies in this month’s Linux Magazine cover story. A Brief History Academics were the first users of World Wide Web; the web rested easily upon the foundation of preceding technologies, such as archie and gopher, and it provided an efficient means for scholars to share their work. In the mid-90s, private companies started using the web as an inexpensive and highly effective platform for sales and marketing.