Disk-level cryptography in Linux



Today’s computers are fast enough for some very sophisticated cryptography techniques. We’ll show you how to keep your data safe from the prying eyes of snoops and spies.

Spies, soldiers, and mathematicians have been toying with cryptography for centuries, and every year, computer users gain new powers for concealing their documents and messages. Of course, users need new and better techniques for hiding their data because computers are getting so accessible and portable. What if you leave your laptop at Starbucks? Or what if an intruder slips into an empty chair at one of the 100 desktop PCs on your office network? Encrypted filesystems offer powerful protection for today’s casual computer culture. With an encrypted filesystem, your data is safe even if the computer is turned off and the disk is removed. If you’ve ever worried about spies, soldiers, mathematicians, and everyday nosy people getting their hands on your valuable information, you’ll love this month’s Crypto Hacks cover story.