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Free software covers such a diverse range of applications that it can be hard to find the perfect tool. In this column,we pick the best of the bunch.This month you’ll learn about XFce 4.2, the PC in the PC,QBuildkde,and the latest news on the Sarge Release.

Of course it is important to organize big events like Linux World to keep Linux competitive in the desktop market, but it is far more important to organize smaller meetings of Linux user groups locally. The recent popularity of Linux user groups shows, more than anything else, that Linux is an extremely interesting proposition for home users. It also shows that there is an information gap about Linux. And that’s why I would like to appeal to Linux user groups not just to think about your personal needs, but to offer practical help to anyone interested in Linux. XFce Improved If you happen to see a desktop computer with Linux nowadays, it typically has KDE or Gnome installed as the GUI. Many distributors use the former as the standard desktop. After all, KDE does make Linux more accessible to newbies, while giving power users a variety of features and applications. Some people think that the seemingly infinite depths of KDE are over the top and just make the desktop too slow. Although KDE runs on older hardware, there are far quicker alternatives for slower machines.