File Transfer with the Versatile GFTP

FTP and Beyond


Whether you like your file transfers with a GUI or from a command prompt,

GFTP has the right tool for every job.The GFTP client also supports advanced

features such as secure file transfer with SSH.

GFTP is a versatile and efficient

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

client for Linux systems. GFTP,

which was written by Brian Masney, performs

all the standard chores associated

with downloading and uploading files to

FTP servers, and it also offers additional

services, such as HTTP file transfer, SSHbased

file transfer, and simultaneous

download from multiple servers. The

GFTP program provides several useful

features that add efficiency to your FTP

sessions, such as drag and drop, intelligent

prompting for existing files, direct

input for FTP commands, and direct

transfer between two FTP servers.

GFTP comes in two flavors: the

gftp-gtk variant supports convenient

GUI-based file transfers, whereas gftptext

is a text-based FTP client used with

the shell. If you type gftp, your system

may launch either the X11 version or the

text version, depending on how your

system is configured.