Converting images with Kim


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With a Konqueror-integrated service menu called Kim, you can modify and manipulate image files through a handy context menu.

Whereas Windows has let applications

add functions to the

Explorer file manager for some

time, KDE version 3.2 was the first version

of KDE to give users this ability.

KDE 3.3 included a version of Konqueror

with a separate context menu for image

files. Thanks to this menu, users can

right click to view, rotate, and scale

images directly from within Konqueror.

The KDE Image Menu ( Kim) by

Charles Bouveyron [1] takes this feature

a step farther. Kim gives you far more

options than a Windows user can

expect. The context menu allows users

to convert, compress, rotate, crop, and

mail images in various formats via Konqueror.

The program can even create an

MPEG clip from an image directory. Kim

draws on the functionality of the

ImageMagick [2] image manipulation

program and Mpegtools [3]. Kim also

integrates Kalbum [4], a KDE program

designed for creating Web galleries and

photo albums.