The lean WindowLab window manager



If you are looking for a functional and fast desktop environment, try WindowLab. This minimalist window manager concentrates on what’s important and does without superfluous gadgets.

Working in a lab means keeping track of everything. Superfluous functionality can produce incorrect or inconsistent results. WindowLab [1] (Figure 1) concentrates on the core function of a window manager – organizing application windows on the desktop – and avoids unnecessary complications that can lead to errors. First Experiments

WindowLab is based on the aewm [2] source code. You can use the source code archive from the project homepage to build the window manager. You do not need to run a configure script for WindowLab. Just run the make and su -c "make install" commands in the source code directory and copy the program files to directories below /usr/ local. The program is frugal in its use of resources, and you only need gcc, along with the GUI developer packages, to build the manager. The package for Suse Linux 9.3 is titled xorg-x11-devel.