Mobile Internet access with GPRS



Permanent mobile Internet access might sound like a nightmare for some, but for others it is a dream come true. All you need is Linux and a fairly recent mobile phone.

General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is a communication standard for mobile phone networks that is designed for efficient data transfer. GPRS, which is typically faster than older, circuit-switched services, is not intended for voice communication but is, instead, tailored for activities such as email and web browsing over the mobile network. One important quality of GPRS is that it has the effect of being “always on.” You do not have to dial a number in order to access GPRS services. Many mobile phone networks now offer GPR Service to their users. A tool for called GPRS Easy Connect brings GPR Service to the Linux world. With Linux and GPRS Easy Connect, you are just one click away from mobile Internet access. The current version of this Perl program supports about 300 mobile phones and around 200 providers. You’ll find a detailed list of supported devices and providers on the project homepage at [1].