Generating Video Titles with MainActor



The MainActor video editing software may appear to have only a rudimentary title generator. But with some tricks and special effects, MainActor can give you some impressive opening credits.

You’re back from vacation, your purse is empty, and your video cassettes are full of vacation memories. You edit the vacation video on your Linux PC. To put a final polish on your movie, all you need to do is add the credits. If you use MainActor for video editing, you will discover that the title generator, 2D Text, is well-hidden and gives you only basic caption generating features. But never fear, a few tricks and a smattering of effects will help you create more pleasing titles. Installation MainActor is a commercial video editing program by MainConcept. The MainConcept homepage [1] has a test version; the only restriction is that the test version adds a watermark to the finished video. When this issue went to print, binaries for Suse Linux and Mandrake were available as downloads. If you do not use one of these distributions, you should test MainActor on your distribution before you buy.