Archiving Email Messages with Hypermail



Hypermail converts email messages to HTML and allows you to group your messages in tidy archives.

Nearly everyone keeps postcards and letters from their loved ones. And even if you don’t, you probably keep at least one file at home with letters from authorities, banks, and insurance companies. If your important documents are filed in an organized and accessible way, you are more likely to find a document you need when you come back later. Why not apply the same principle to old email messages, using Hypermail http://www.hypermail. org? Hypermail converts your email messages into HTML documents (Figure 1). Each document contains links to any preceding or answering messages in the thread. The program stores attachments in a subfolder and places a link to the attachment in the HTML file. To allow you to find the messages you are looking for, Hypermail also generates a number of index pages, where the messages are sorted by subject, author (Figure 2), date, and thread. Additionally, Hypermail generates an attachment.html file with a list of mail attachments.