Firewall configurations with Guarddog

The Watchdog


The KDE Guarddog program promises an easy Linux firewall setup with just a few clicks. Guarddog helps inexperienced users secure computers – and even whole networks – against attack.

The IPChains (Linux 2.2) and IPTables (Linux 2.4) tools configure the Linux firewall, but these commandline tools can be slightly cryptic for Linux newcomers. Simon Edwards developed Guarddog [1] to simplify the task of firewall configuration. Guarddog is a GUI-based configuration utility for managing firewalls. The Guarddog utility is licensed under the GPL and runs on either KDE 2 or KDE 3.

Users can download the stable version 2.2.0 at [2]. Besides the sources, the site has ready-to-run binaries for Mandrake, Red Hat, and Debian. If you want to try out the latest features, try version 2.3.2 from [2]. But before you do, check out the pros and cons in the “For the Brave” box.