A Preview of OpenOffice 2.0

Office Opening


At first glance,OpenOffice 2.0 might scare current users with a GUI that closely resembles Microsoft’s competitor product. But on closer inspection, the beast turns out to be a beauty.

About a year after the release of OpenOffice version 1.1, version 2.0 is set to hit the stage. The scope of the latest OpenOffice offering has been clear since August 2004, when the feature freeze was introduced. Although the final release may not be with us until March 2005, major changes are unlikely, so now is a good time for a sneak preview. The changes start with the installation. The previously well-hidden network installation option, in the form of a multiuser setup, is now the default and selectable in the GUI setup. Most users will not notice the difference, although the network install is a lifesaver for admins.