Developing Web Applications with Zope X3



Zope, a web application server written in Python, is an extremely popular open source content management system platform. The newly developed version X3.0 was released just recently. We’ll show you what’s new in Zope X3.0.

Since the release of the Plone [1] content management system (CMS), it has been hard to imagine a world of free web application servers without Zope [2]. Python, the language Zope is primarily written in, brings object-oriented and modular source code to the world of Zope, along with the kind of agility and flexibility more typically associated with web scripting languages. From the CMF to New Developments Zope is a popular platform for CMS. Most free Zope CMS systems (such as Plone [1], Silva [3] and CPS [4]) use a Zope product known as the Content Management Framework (CMF). The CMF framework for Zope 2 not only had the tools necessary for developing a content management system, it also provided a component-based architecture Difthat supported flexible modification of individual components. The experience gained developing with the CMF was then supposed to be incorporated into the Zope development process.