Tips and tricks for easy Perl programming in Vim



The Vim editor has any number of tricks for helping you avoid unnecessary typing. In this month’s article, we look at some effort-saving Vim techniques for Perl hackers.

There is probably no other decision in a programmer’s life that is so important and so irrevocable as their choice of an editor. Once you opt for Vi or Emacs, you will tend to stick to your guns and attempt to coax the last ounce of performance out of your favorite tool. Once you decide on an editor, it is better to learn as much as you can about it. More effective use of an editor not only reduces the danger of Carpal tunnel syndrome, but also helps you code far more quickly and with fewer typos. The Vim (Vi Improved) editor has a number of advantages over its venerable predecessor Vi. Over the years, Vim has been extended dramatically to support hard core programmers; it is highly configurable and plug-in extensible – in fact, Vim can be tailored to suit almost anyone’s taste or style of working.