Conduit and Unison



Find out how the Conduit and Unison utilities can keep your documents and files in sync on multiple computers.

Keeping your documents and files in sync between multiple computers is already a challenge, but other factors make this task even more difficult. Documents and files are stored not only on a desktop machine or laptop, they are often dispersed over different web-based services and applications such as Flickr,, and Gmail. Moreover, with the increasing popularity of portable applications and Live CD Linux distributions, you don’t even need a computer – for many users, USB sticks and external hard disks have become the preferred devices for storing documents and files. All this makes a decent synchronization utility a must-have tool, and although rsync [1] remains one of the most popular synchronization solutions for many users, a few other utilities can be equally or even more useful. In this article, I’ll cover two utilities: Conduit and Unison.