Serve a daily dose of information



When tackling something complex, such as a foreign language or Vim commands, digesting small bits of knowledge might be more effective than consuming a super-sized meal of information. This month’s Perl column gives you a method of serving up knowledge snippets by email.

No matter how good your command of English might be, there is always room for improvement. Or do you already know what “cynosure” or “exonym” means? Because I subscribe to “A.Word.A .Day” (AWAD), I receive a new word every day by email. Figure 1 shows how the service describes the daily word in simpler terms and provides examples of the word in action. A Tip a Day Because this approach is so effective, I thought of extending it to other fields. If there are daily tips for the Vim editor, why not have them for Perl? Or for the Java pitfall of the day? All it would take would be a script that stores the tips, and a cronjob that sends the tips to a list of subscribers every morning.