Managing wireless connections with WiFi-Radar



The fast and easy WiFi-Radar is a handy Python-based tool for finding and automatically launching wireless connections.

WiFi-Radar searches for wireless networks and automatically connects. This helpful Python-based tool provides an easy alternative to the better known wireless network managers and even supports WEP and WPA encryption.
WiFi-Radar packages are available for Debian, Gentoo, SUSE, and Ubuntu. On Ubuntu and Debian, you can simply type apt-get install wifi-radar to install. For Gentoo and SUSE, you need to download the packages.
Because WiFi-Radar is written in Python, you need not build the program; assuming you have a Python installation and the python-gtk package on your machine, just unpack the tarball, become root, and enter make install. The WiFi-Radar tool launches when you enter sudo wifi-radar in a terminal window.