Managing your system with YaST

Super Tool


One of the highlights of openSUSE is YaST, the Swiss Army knife of configuration tools for Linux. YaST will help you with everything from managing hardware to configuring users.

YaST – Yet another Setup Tool or Your awesome Setup Tool – has a long history with SUSE. SUSE, which was called S.u.S.E. for “Softwareund System-Entwicklung” (Software and System Development), was a Slackware-based distro with an early version of YaST. Originally, YaST wasn’t the buffed up, GUI-enabled tool you now know and love – the first iterations of YaST were text mode–only, and nowhere near as full-featured as YaST is today.

In 1999, YaST2 made its first appearance in SuSE Linux 6.3, as the installer. Over time, YaST has continued to evolve and mature. After Novell acquired SUSE in 2004, YaST was released under the GPL. In this article, I’m really talking about YaST2, but to simplify things, I’ll just call it YaST.