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Mageia Linux

Mageia Linux is a multi-purpose distro based on the Mandriva codebase. A group of former Mandriva engineers started the Mageia project in 2010 as a means to ensure continuing support for the Mandriva community through a non-profit organization free of corporate control.

The venerable Mandriva codebase inherits a long tradition of success and innovation dating back to the early days of Linux. In addition to an appealing collection of applications, Mageia comes with Mandriva‚Äôs popular collection of configuration tools. The Mageia Control Center offers a simple and intuitive interface for configuring software, networks, users, 3D effects, and parental controls.

Mageia 2 comes with kernel 3.3.6 and includes Pulse Audio 2, GIMP 2.8, and a variety of desktop options.