• Package Repair

    When human error stumps the Debian package manager, familiar tools like apt-get, aptitude, and dpkg can help restore functionality.

  • FOSSPicks

    Sparkling gems and new releases from the world of Free and Open Source Software

  • FAQ

    CyanogenMod is dead. Long live Lineage.

  • Habeas Video

    Free Software misses an opportunity.

News and Articles

  • FAQ

    Ben Everard investigates the future of Linux-based routers.

  • Ringing In Change

    In the last few years, secure text, voice, and video transmission have become major areas of free software development. One of the leaders in this field is Ring.

  • Thriving Without Power

    A power failure can cause the IQ of a smart home to plummet suddenly. An emergency power supply and a script on the SmartThings platform can prevent a total outage and inform the owner. The polyglot Perlmeister embarks on a foray into the territory of the Groovy scripting language in this issue.

  • Linux Voice

    This month in Linux Voice.

  • Superior Subgraph

    Kid-tested and Snowden approved – is Subgraph, the privacy-oriented OS, now ready for humans?

  • Quick Change

    Perform trouble-free font conversions from the command line with an easy-to-use script.

  • On the DVD

    Linux Mint 18.1 MATE (32-bit Live) and AryaLinux Builder 2017 (64-bit Live)

  • Core Technology

    Everyone wants to be root, because root can do anything. But in fact, its powers are now split. Learn more in this overview of capability sets.

  • Tutorial

    Not only is it possible to browse the web from the CLI, it's mightily useful, too, as we demonstrate in this article.

  • Clever Combination

    SeaMonkey is a lean and time-tested alternative for web, mail, IM, and address management that supports Firefox plugins.