• Supercharger

    LibreOffice has hundreds of options and features, but these handy extensions make it even more convenient.

  • Command Line – EncFS

    EncFS is an easy and effective CLI application for encrypting files that also allows for customization.

  • Herd Animals

    The Amazon Web Services command-line interface and the Amazon Greengrass IoT Core services read and merge Raspberry Pi sensor data.

  • Programming Snapshot – mitmproxy

    Finding the data zipping back and forth between the browser and server is not only interesting for snooping spies, but also for debugging developers. Mike Schilli gets you started with mitmproxy and shows how to customize it using Python scripts.

News and Articles

  • Making PDFs More Secure in LibreOffice Writer

    Depending on your needs, LibreOffice Writer offers varying degrees of security for PDFs.

  • Chromium-Based Browsers Will Ignore Google’s Ad-Blocking Ban

    Brave Opera and Vivaldi will not implement Google’s changes that will cripple ad-blockers.

  • Zorin OS 15 Released

    The new release is based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

  • Hardening Linux for Production Use

    To protect your production server from attacks, employ these common security tools to help safeguard your system.

  • Tutorials – Bash Functions

    Learn how to make your Bash code more readable, robust, and reusable by managing the code within your Bash scripts.

  • Uninvited Guests

    The nightmare of any admin is a user who can't resisting clicking on an unknown attachment labeled Application.exe. This article draws on a real-world example to show how you can use built-in Linux resources to detect unauthorized traffic that might have been invited in by a trigger-happy user.

  • Hand in Hand

    Barrier is a Synergy fork that lets you work with one keyboard and mouse pair on multiple Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows computers.

  • Charly's Column – Tiger VNC

    Sys admin columnist Charly enumerates the computers in his household and makes it clear that commuting between them would be an unreasonable burden on his personal energy balance. Instead he lets a tiger go the distance for him.

  • On the DVD

    Ubuntu 19.04 "Disco Dingo" Desktop and Fedora 30 Workstation

  • Tutorials – FreeCAD

    Designing simple shapes in OpenSCAD is easy, but if you want to print complex machines with multiple interlocking pieces, you need to bring out the big guns. That's where FreeCAD comes in handy.

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