• Libre Laptop

    The earth-friendly EOMA68 is an open hardware laptop that promises to be easy to repair, easy to upgrade, and easy to secure.

  • Steady Hand

    Every leading Linux distribution offers some kind of built-in GUI management tool, but the world still has room for a flexible, distribution-independent tool like Webmin.

  • Crossing Frontiers

    Mofo Linux enables secure digital communications even in places where it is politically or ideologically unwelcome.

  • Managing the Jungle

    Working with files and folders is a typical daily task on any computer. We tested four lesser known file managers that significantly simplify handling content on mass storage media.

News and Articles

  • LinuxCon North America Convenes in Toronto, Canada

    Linux Foundation's big event celebrates the 25th anniversary of Linux

  • Linux Turns 25

    Linux has evolved from a “won’t be a professional” project to one of the most professional software projects in the history of computers.

  • Subverting LibreOffice Impress for Better Slide Shows

    Every hour of the work day, hundreds of presenters begin a slide show – and, as the presenters begin to drone, thousands of listeners lean back and do their best to stay awake and not look bored. Just as many users of word processors fail to learn how to use them properly, very few presenters ever learn a way to create a slide that holds an audience’s interest or conveys information successfully.

  • Upgrade or Wait?

    Samba 4 has been around for more than three years, but some users still shy from it. If you are still sitting on the fence, this tour through some of the new features and capabilities might help you decide whether it is finally time to upgrade.

  • Ooh La LaTeX

    Authors who publish documents or books with LaTeX can tap into online services using modern browsers, on both desktop and mobile devices, and as a collaborative tool.

  • Spider, Spider

    Scrapy is an open source framework written in Python that lets you build your own crawlers with minimal effort for professional results.

  • Expletives Not Deleted

    In the 25 years of Linux kernel history, a huge amount of code and many comments have accumulated. They can be explanatory, enlightening, funny, or even profane. Charly prefers to do things differently, so he types fuck in the shell.

  • Double Sure

    Fail-safe is a massive topic for file server admins. Thanks to the CTDB and Ceph, you can put Samba in a cluster with minimal complications.

  • Ask Klaus!


  • Whither NFS?

    The NFS network filesystem has served Unix and Linux networks for many years, but the demise of NFS inventor Sun Microsystems as an independent company has thrust NFS into a creative crisis. Will this veteran from the early days of Unix find the strength to rise again?

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