• Nitrux

    Nitrux Linux integrates a flexible new package tool, an easy-to-use encryption system, and other useful innovations.

  • Keep the Secret

    Several live distributions support anonymous surfing on the Internet. Heads is a leading alternative that lets you surf secretly on older hardware.

  • Many Branches

    Software projects often comprise several code  branches, some of which exist in parallel. Git supports community code development through remote repositories and code branching.

  • Social Conscience

    At Purism, a company specializing in Linux laptops, social and ethical considerations are as important as profit.

News and Articles

  • OpenStack Foundation Changes Name of the OpenStack Summit

    New event will be known as the Open Infrastructure Summit

  • System76 Announces a Line of US-Made PCs

    Thelio series is available for pre-order and will ship in early December.

  • IBM Acquires Red Hat

    IBM is acquiring Red Hat, the most successful open source company.

  • Fedora 29 and Ubuntu 18.10 Released

    New releases focus on boot time, new hardware, and modular design.

  • /proc Talk

    The Linux /proc virtual filesystem offers a window into a running system – look inside for information on processes and kernel activity.

  • Open Hardware – Reform

    An open hardware laptop that encourages hacking and repair while offering security and transparency – all for an affordable price.

  • Charly's Column – cheat.sh

    Whenever you really need documentation, it's almost always incomplete or outdated – or both. Sys admin columnist Charly K¸hnast recommends a radically different approach: the universal community documentation cheat.sh, which no Linux command and hardly any programming language should do without.

  • FOSSPicks

    Synth-nut Graham pulls himself away from Moog One hype to unveil the best free software released this month.

  • Programming Snapshot – Graph Theory

    Pretty much any computer science lecture about graph theory covers the "Seven Bridges of Königsberg" problem. Mike Schilli puts a Python script to work on a solution, but finds that a new bridge must be built.

  • Tutorial – Desktop News Feeds

    Reading news is part good citizenry, part necessary evil, but your news feed notifications on Linux don't have to be distracting or intrusive.

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