News and Articles

  • The Making of Nextcloud Education Edition

    Nextcloud, a fork of the ownCloud file hosting service, has released a version for university and research institutions that was created in cooperation with partners in open source and higher education.

  • LibreOffice 5.4 Released

    Comes with improved support for Microsoft Office file formats.

  • Red Hat to Drop Support for Btrfs

    The company is building their own storage solution called Stratis.

  • Tutorials – Apache Spark

    Churn through lots of data with cluster computing on Apache's Spark platform.

  • Charly's Column – libcoap

    Charly did a spot of shopping in a furniture store and came out with a smart lighting system that he has now automated with a Linux PC: Read on for further enlightenment.

  • Open Hardware – Turbot

    The Foundation offers an open source single-board computer that is fast enough for professional use, but accessible for all user levels.

  • Linux Voice

    Data protection laws are not just about keeping personal information safe; they are also about stopping the derivation of personal insights from seemingly harmless information.

  • Fully Charged

    Linux offers some useful command-line tools that leverage the ACPI power management framework to display detailed data on the status of a laptop battery.

  • Programming Snapshot – Driving Data

    A connector plugged into the diagnostic port of Mike Schilli's cars sends current information such as speed, acceleration, and fuel economy via the mobile phone network to a cloud service. An app and a programmable API read out the data and provide stunning visualizations.

  • On the DVD

    Debian 9 and Tails 3