• Keep It Simple

    Arduino's cofounder describes the quest for simplicity.

  • On the Unit

    Systemd units use files to control resources that Systemd manages.

  • Purely Native

    The JavaScript frameworks React Native and NativeScript build a bridge between web app development and native app development. We look at the advantages of these native frameworks against the background of the classic app framework Meteor.

  • System Saver

    The CYA script helps you back up system files, which you can then restore quickly in case of an emergency.

News and Articles

  • Big Bad Beetle Blocks

    Beetle Blocks is an interesting twist on the “block-building programming language” idea. Instead of a flat, boring plane, you move a beetle around 3D space, drawing cubes, spheres and all sorts of other shapes.

  • Zorin OS 12.4 Released

    It’s an extremely popular distribution among Windows and macOS users.

  • Debian Celebrates its Birthday

    The great community Linux distro turns 25 years old.

  • Arduino 101

    The Arduino 101 only costs $30, but it packs quite a bit more than your regular Arduino board. Learn about the 101's specs and how you can use its onboard gyroscope with a fun, 3D project.

  • Freeing Your Music Player with Rockbox

    Turn your music player into open hardware with Rockbox’s free firmware.

  • Chromebooks Support Debian Applications

    Containerized Debian environment is now available through the Chrome OS dev channel.

  • Opera Embraces Snap for Linux

    Announcement may open doors for more mainstream applications to adopt Ubuntu's Snap package system.

  • On the Unit

    Systemd units use files to control resources that Systemd manages.

  • Command Line – Bash History

    You can do more with the Bash history command than just using the arrow keys. We show you how to use this command-line tool more efficiently.

  • Open Hardware – Arduino

    Whether you are building your own device or customizing one, Arduino technology often functions as the foundation for your open hardware project. Here's how to get started with Arduino products.

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