• By the Ebook

    The right tools can make the process of authoring an ebook less laborious and time consuming. We look at several ebook authoring applications and show how to put them to practical use.

  • Private Island

    Worried about spies and criminals? Ubuntu Privacy Remix breaks down all the bridges to the Internet and converts the computer into an island of security. If you want to head back to civilization, you'll need a USB stick and plenty of patience.

  • On the DVD

    This month's DVD features two terrific distributions, ArtistX 1.5 and Arch Linux 2013.10.01.

  • State Your Intentions

    "maddog" advises designers and developers to state their project goals up front and in writing, to avoid confusion and conflict later.

News and Articles

  • Privacy and P2P


  • On the DVD


  • Points of View

    Calcurse combines a calendar with appointments management and a task list, so you can use a terminal to keep track of the day's events at a glance.

  • News

    Updates on Technologies, Trends, and Tools

  • Virtuoso Layering

    For the past three years, 20 developers have been working on a revamped version of the KDE libraries. The alpha release appeared in February with many new features.

  • Ask Klaus!


  • React!

    In July of last year, Jonas Bonér and some other colleagues published the Reactive Manifesto. Soon, the term was on everyone's lips, but this seemingly new programming concept is actually much older.

  • In Full View

    The tree command can provide a clear view of all your files and directories and offers a few advantages over the usual ls.

  • Control and Command

    Turn your Android device into a handy remote control for your Linux machine.

  • Functional Web

    Clojure looks like Lisp and runs wherever Java is installed. Practical tools and sophisticated libraries provide the underpinnings for rapid development of modern web applications.