• News Analysis

    It's not enough to tinker with copyright rules; the whole concept needs reviewing for the digital age.

  • Tutorials – LibreOffice

    Discover some hidden and lesser known features in LibreOffice, to help you work faster and smarter (and gain extra geek points).

  • Get Involved

    Don't just consume Free Software – contribute to it! We share the tips and tricks required to start a successful FOSS project.

  • Pi Recipes

    The professor sets the stage for Knoppix on an SD card that runs on the Raspberry Pi.

News and Articles

  • GitHub Announces Open Source Friday Program

    They encourage people to take time out and work on open source projects on Friday.

  • System76 Announces Their Own Distro, Pop!_OS

    Pop!_OS is based on Ubuntu and uses the Gnome stack.

  • Finding an Ergonomic Computer Chair

    With an aging population spending hours in front of a computer, ergonomic seating solutions have become as common as ergonomic keyboard choices

  • Welcome

    Politics is everywhere this year. It is hard to get away from the news – and it seems that most of the talking is done by people who aren't too interested in finding any kind of common ground with other viewpoints, which makes it all the more excruciating for the ears. I'm well aware that people read Linux magazines to get away from politics.

  • This Month's DVD

    Ubuntu 17.04 (32-bit Live) and Devuan 1.0 (64-bit Live)

  • Rewrite

    The commercial software tool Master PDF Editor 4 lets you edit the most important portable document format of our times.

  • Alive and Kicking

    Contrary to rumors, OpenStack is far from dead.

  • Type Writer

    Some documents deserve extra attention to design and typographic detail.

  • Free as in Beer

    Columnist Charly looked into so many mash tubs during brewery tours that he wanted to try his own home brew. He did a little research and found some open source projects that could help.

  • Finely Filtered

    The journal is the systemd component responsible for viewing and managing logfiles.