• Tutorials – Shell Scripting

    Knowing the right shell commands may be all the artificial intelligence you need to make your computer work for you.

  • Open Source Voting

    In a quest for better voting machines, open source hardware may hold the answers.

  • Recycled

    A simple Python program turns a disused smartphone into a wirelessly connected Raspberry Pi display.

  • Network Basics – The ip Command

    Network commands like ifconfig and route are still popular with users even though they are far past their prime. Their successor, ip, provides the capabilities of several legacy tools with a single, unified syntax.

News and Articles

  • SUSE Inches Towards Independence

    While IBM has acquired Red Hat, SUSE is becoming independent.

  • Gnome 3.32 Released

    Comes with many improvements and new features.

  • Trickle

    The trickle command-line utility helps you shape network traffic.

  • VMware Rolls Out Essential PKS

    Virtualization vendor brings commercial support to upstream Kubernetes.

  • Linux 5.0 Is Here

    Linus says don't get excited, but the new release contains some significant updates.

  • FOSSPicks

    This month Graham fires up MuseScore 3.0, hexyl, weborf, Chrono, and several other useful Linux tools.

  • Programming Snapshot – Go

    Go comes with an image-processing toolkit right out of the box. In this month's column, Mike Schilli explains how to walk through a photo's pixels to detect the foreground by comparing values against a threshold and shows how to manipulate the original by creating a nice looking silhouette.

  • Essential Craft

    If you're running a small company, and you can't seem to keep up on invoices, orders, and other business documents, time to have a look at Kraft.

  • On the DVD

    MX Linux and SystemRescueCD

  • Command Line – unison

    Unison is a handy tool for file syncing, backups, and merging. To get the most out of unison, however, you need to invest time perfecting your preference files to meet your needs.

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