Configuring Filesystems Configuring filesystems with mkfs, df, du, and fsck

Dec 10, 2009

Although most Linux distributions today have simple-to-use graphical interfaces for setting up and managing filesystems, knowing how to perform those tasks from the command line is a valuable skill. We’ll show you how to configure and manage filesystems with mkfs, df, du, and fsck.

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Sep 25, 2009

If it were to go by Project, practially all distros in the foreseeable future would boot off the Internet.

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ReiserFS Without Big Kernel Lock

Aug 03, 2009

Even though reiserfs belongs to the veterans of journaling filesystems and established ext3 and ext4 as standard Linux filesystems, a new patch serves to markedly improve it.

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Perl: Tracking Online Orders Perl keeps track of online orders

Jun 30, 2009

A distributed database based on the distributed Git version control system relies on a Perl script to help users track Internet orders. When the goods arrive, purchasers update their stock counts, wherever they may be at the time.

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XMind Mind Mapper Structuring projects with XMind

Jun 30, 2009

Mind mapping programs let you visualize projects and plans on your PC. If you want to work more efficiently, you'll want to keep the free XMind for Linux in mind.

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Aufs2 Writing to read-only devices with aufs2

Jun 30, 2009

Add temporary write capability to a read-only device with the stacked filesystem aufs.

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Kernel News

Jun 30, 2009
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Open Source Enterprise Applications: Look Out, Here We Come!

Jun 24, 2009

Market research firm IDC just finished a study of open source enterprise applications with decision makers in 515 European organizations. The result: open source is undergoing market expansion in business applications.

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