Pacemaker Automated monitoring with Pacemaker resource agents

Apr 24, 2012

When a cluster node fails, the Pacemaker high-availability tool launches the services on another node. A lesser known feature is Pacemaker’s ability to put failed services back on their feet in the cluster manager.

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Automation Tips and Tricks Some automation tips from our authors and experts

Apr 24, 2012

We asked some of our authors to share their favorite automation tricks.

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Kernel News

Feb 02, 2012

Chronicler Zack Brown reports on the latest news, views, dilemmas, and developments within the Linux kernel community.

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Linux Magazine Academy - Attractive Discounts and LPI "Partner of the Month"

Dec 25, 2011

The Linux Magazine Academy is offering 20% off all their online trainings until January 15, 2012. Depending on the course chosen customers can save several hundred pounds.

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Charly’s Column: OpenNetAdmin The sys admin’s daily grind: OpenNetAdmin

Sep 23, 2011

Last month, the Havege daemon helped organize the chaos in this column. Today, Charly attempts to organize the network – a tale of suffering in three chapters.

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Archipel Managing hypervisors with the Archipel VM orchestration tool

Sep 01, 2011

The innovative Archipel cross-hypervisor management tool uses the Jabber protocol to chat with servers running Xen, KVM, OpenVZ, and VMware.

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Charly's Column: Nameserver Diagnostics The sys admin’s daily grind: dig

Jun 27, 2011

Many administrators rely on Linux tools whose fate is already sealed, but external forces can help people let go of old habits.

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Charly's Column: Terminator The sys admin’s daily grind: Terminator

Mar 28, 2011

Friends are all about friendship – names and appearances typically don’t play any role at all. Sys admin Charly’s friend the Terminator is a convincing example.

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