LinuxConf Europe: The Kernel King Cometh

Sep 05, 2007

Since the first day of LinuxConf Europe there has been much speculation amongst delegates as to whether or not Linus Torvalds would make an appearance. This had largely been driven by the conference programme where, for the “Advanced GIT BOF”, there was no name provided for the speaker. Come Tuesday morning and a select few delegates were claiming to have spotted to the kernel's founder. As afternoon coffee approached many had begun to wonder if Linus wasn't going to arrive until the start of the developer summit following the conference.

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ISO Rejects Microsoft Office Open XML Format

Sep 04, 2007

The International Standardization Organization, ISO, has announced that Microsoft's Office-Open-XML format (OOXML) has failed in preliminary voting.

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Ubuntu: For Toast Just The Way You Like It

Sep 03, 2007

Linuxconf Europe 2007 kicked off this Sunday in Cambridge, UK. Unix user groups from Great Britain and other parts of Europe will be hosting lectures and workshops until September 5.

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FreeBSD Boss: GPLv3 is Driving Linux Users to BSD

Sep 03, 2007

The FreeBSD Community should leverage GPLv3 to convince Linux users to use FreeBSD. It is a good time to push FreeBSD, says Justin Gibbs, founder and Vice President of the FreeBSD-Foundation.

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KDE 4 to Appear Two Months Later

Sep 03, 2007

The KDE project is postponing the release of version 4 of its free desktop environment by two months. According to the latest announcements, KDE 4.0.0 will not be appearing until December 20, 2007.

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Swedish OpenXML Vote Declared Invalid

Aug 31, 2007

The Swedish Institute for Standards (SiS) has just released a press statement declaring its vote for Microsoft's OpenXML format invalid.

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Linux Foundation Recommends Say "No" to OpenXML

Aug 30, 2007

The Linux Foundation has taken a clear position on the acceptance of Microsoft's OpenXML format as an international ISO standard. The Foundation recommends that standardization committees in the countries involved in the process say "No" to the application.

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Mandriva Sees Light at End of Tunnel

Aug 29, 2007

A new website, restructuring of consumer business and various activities involving hardware, software and service partners have been announced by Mandriva boss Francois Bacilhon.

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