Free Software Projects An up-to-date look at free software and its makers

Oct 01, 2005

Free software covers such a diverse range of utilities, applications, and other assorted projects that it can be hard to find the perfect tool. We pick the best of the bunch. This month, we discuss Ubuntu, Debfoster, and Deborphan.

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Linuxtag 2005 Europe’s biggest Linux event

Sep 01, 2005

More keynotes on technological and politics, and more room for free projects: this was Linuxtag in its eleventh year. But attendance was down because Europe’s biggest Free Software event charged an admission fee for the first time.

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LinuxWorld Canada Reflections on LinuxWorld Canada 2005

Jul 01, 2005

The conference sessions were less than inspiring, but the show had plenty of chemistry.

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FOSDEM 2005 FOSDEM 2005 in Brussels, Belgium

May 01, 2005

The annual winter meeting of Europe’s open source developers took place February 25-27 in Brussels, Belgium. Again the event was a mustn’t miss for thousands of contributors to free projects and a welcome opportunity for developers to exchange ideas outside the borders of their own communities.

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2005 Open Source Horoscope The Open Source Horoscope

Jan 01, 2005

Linux fans live in a special world,so it makes sense for them to have their own special star signs. If you too were born under the influence of Open Source,read on as the 2005 Linux Magazine Horoscope reveals the secrets of your future.

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Brave GNU World The Monthly GNU Column

Jan 01, 2005

This column looks into projects and current affairs in the world of free software from the perspective of the GNU Project and the FSF. In this issue,we focus on communication programs for mobile telephones.

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50 and Beyond

Jan 01, 2005
Dear Linux Magazine Reader, This month we celebrate the 50th issue of Linux Magazine. That makes this month a sort......
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Free Software Projects An up-to-date overview of free software and its makers

Jan 01, 2005

Free software covers such a diverse range of applications that it can be hard to find the perfect tool. In this column,we pick the best of the bunch.This month you’ll learn about XFce 4.2, the PC in the PC,QBuildkde,and the latest news on the Sarge Release.

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