Internet Radio Intro Tuning in the world of Internet radio

Apr 30, 2006

Did you think the Internet was out of revolutions? With Internet radio, anyone can be a broadcaster. If you want to start broadcasting or podcasting, or even if you're just looking for the perfect station, check out this month's Internet Radio cover story.

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Apr 30, 2006 tracks your musical tastes and helps you find users with similar interests.

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Podcasting with Audacity Recording Podcasts with Audacity

Apr 30, 2006

Create your own podcasts with the free and easy Audacity sound editor.

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Streaming with Icecast Streaming audio with Icecast and MuSE

Apr 30, 2006

For live Internet radio, you need a streaming server. We’ll show you how to get started with Icecast, an open source streaming alternative for Linux.

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Realtime Multimedia applications and the realtime priority

Mar 31, 2006

Linux provides tools and patches for speeding up the priority of multimedia applications. So if you're not getting the performance you expect, try shifting into overdrive.

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Mpeg Menu System V2 Creating a multimedia center with Mpeg Menu System V2

Jan 31, 2006

You’ll forget you’re even working with a computer when you browse for your favorite videos, pictures, and audio files with Mpeg Menu System.

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Solfege Learning music with GNU Solfege 3.0.0

Dec 31, 2005

Solfege helps you advance your musical knowledge and lets you practice identifying intervals, scales, and chords.

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LMMS Making Music with Linux Multimedia Studio

Nov 30, 2005

Linux has truly started to compete with Windows and MacOS as a platform for professional sound applications. Linux Multimedia Studio (LMMS) is a Linux sound tool that packs a variety of impressive features into a neat bundle.

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