Command Line: System Info Finding system information from the command line

Jul 31, 2009

The command line provides a plethora of information that you cannot obtain from the desktop.

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Command Line: Terminal Magic Performance that the GUI can't touch

May 31, 2009

Far from an anachronism, the command line lives on as an indispensable part of the modern free desktop. Viva the command line!

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Workspace: Command-Line Tools Command-line productivity tools

Mar 31, 2009

Read email, use your calendar, and check RSS feeds faster than you can say, "Ooooo, pretty."

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Command Line: Archives Compressed text files

Mar 29, 2009

Gzip and bzip2 not only compress files, they also provide lean and powerful tools for viewing, searching, and comparing text files.

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Command Line: Searching Logfiles Searching logfiles with tail, grep, and company

Mar 24, 2009

If your hardware or software goes on strike, or the graphical system or your Internet connection fail, checking the logfiles can often be a big help. In this month’s column, we will look at the command-line tools that can help you scour the depths of these critical files.

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Bash 4.0 Introduces Associative Arrays

Feb 24, 2009

The GNU Project's Bourne Again Shell (bash) is now in its fourth major version, which provides numerous enhancements.

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MLN Administering virtual machines with MLN

Dec 31, 2008

This simple command-line tool helps you keep ahead of your virtual infrastructure.

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Command Line: MPlayer and MEncoder Video and audio players for the shell

Nov 12, 2008

MPlayer and MEncoder have considerable potential, and you can control them by means of intelligent command-line options. We’ll put both programs to work.

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