Flumotion Streaming Media Server Moves to Python 2.6

Sep 10, 2009

Flumotion, a free server for video and audio streaming over the Internet, was made compatible with Python 2.6 in version 0.6.1 .

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Minitube: Slimline YouTube Client

Aug 31, 2009

Anyone wanting to watch just a short video on YouTube probably won't need Minitube, for those that want more, it's a must-have app.

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Cool Cuts: Video Editor and VJ Tool Lives v.1.0

Jul 23, 2009

After a long test phase, the video editor and VJ tool Lives, has been released in a stable version 1.0.

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Adobe's Latest Open Source Project

Jul 22, 2009

Adobe has used the Open Source Conference (OSCON), currently taking place in California's San Jose, to announce a new strategy for its Flash Platform. Some people are questioning Adobe's motives.

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Gran Canaria Desktop Summit: Better Audio for Free Desktops

Jul 05, 2009

On the second day of the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit, Gnome and KDE developers have been focused on topics surrounding meta data, community, and infrastructure. Concerning multimedia, audio support for the open source desktop has proved to be a hot topic.

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Apple Wary of Ogg Theora: No Agreement Yet on HTML5 Video Standard

Jul 03, 2009

Firefox 3.5 and Chrome already support the new video tag of the HTML5 specification. Before it can become a standard, though, more browsers makers have to agree on the codec.

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Free Software Projects An up-to-date overview of free software and its makers

Jun 30, 2009

Voice over IP on the Internet gives communication a personal touch, but it takes applications like Cheese and WebcamStudio to exploit the creative potential of Internet telephony.

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MTP in Linux Getting your MTP devices working on Linux

Jun 30, 2009

Just because the MTP protocol is promoted by Microsoft doesn't mean you can't get music onto your MTP devices.

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