Fedora Announces New Partition Manager App

Sep 09, 2014

New tool will look like GParted but support a wider range of storage technologies.

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Hide Cloud Data from the Cloud Vendor Secure Storage with Tahoe-LAFS

May 20, 2014

Innovative project offers cloud storage with the "Principle of Least Authority."

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Inktank and SUSE Partner to Support SUSE Cloud

Nov 29, 2012

Inktank and SUSE are partnering to provide enterprise-grade support for the Ceph Distributed Storage System as part of SUSE Cloud.

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KVM Storage More KVM performance thanks to an optimized disk configuration

Jul 24, 2012

KVM has many ways to map virtual disks on the host system. The appropriate choice of disk format has an effect not only on the speed of I/O operations but also on snapshots and backups.

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Ext2Fsd Accessing Linux filesystems from Windows with Ext2Fsd

Jun 21, 2012

Sure you can access Windows partitions from Linux. But what if you want to connect to your Linux partitions from Windows? Ext2Fsd offers an easy solution.

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Ask Klaus! Klaus Knopper answers your Linux questions

Jun 21, 2012

Klaus Knopper is the creator of Knoppix and co-founder of LinuxTag expo. He currently works as a teacher, programmer, and consultant. If you have a configuration problem, or if you just want to learn more about how Linux works, send your questions to: klaus@linux-magazine.com

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Dell and Red Hat Announce OEM Partnership

May 10, 2012

Dell and Red Hat Launch OEM Solutions group for integrated hardware/software solutions.

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Charly’s Column: S3QL The sys admin’s daily grind: S3QL

Nov 02, 2011

Sys admin Charly has been an enthusiastic amateur photographer for many years. Recently, he started worrying about something happening to his rapidly expanding photo collection. Can the cloud save the day?

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