Zenity and KDialog Adding graphic elements to your scripts with Zenity and KDialog

Jan 31, 2009

Zenity and KDialog let you integrate your scripts with the native KDE or Gnome environment.

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Hotwire Interactive Shell Graphical shells

Nov 05, 2008

The Hotwire shell removes the complexities of interactive consoles. We’ll show you how to Hotwire your Linux with this handy text and graphical shell for developers and administrators.

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Command Line: Text Editors Editors for the shell

Jul 03, 2008

More is not always better, especially at the command line. Lean text editors such as nano, JOE, and ee fit Linux novices and experts alike.

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Command Line: Environmental Variables Make your self at home

Jul 02, 2008

Environmental variables give users the ability to set up the command line to suit their own needs.

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Command Line: Data Flow Redirecting input and output

Jul 01, 2008

Working in the shell has many benefits. Pipelines, redirectors, and chains of commands give users almost infinite options.

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Command Line: Bash Prompt Configuring the Bash prompt

Jun 20, 2008

Color-coding your prompt may help avoid configuration errors and data loss. We’ll show you how to design your own custom shell prompt with color and control sequences.

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Bluetooth with GPRS Using your mobile phone as a wireless modem

Jun 09, 2008

If your mobile phone contract includes GPRS mobile Internet service,
you can use a Bluetooth phone as a wireless modem for your Linux
portable computer.

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Load Average Understanding load averages and stretch factors

Oct 26, 2007

What is the real meaning of those little “load average” values in the output of shell commands like procinfo and uptime, and what can you do with these numbers?

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