Pidgin and Kopete Back to Chatting with Yahoo! Again

Jun 26, 2009

The middle of June, Yahoo! introduced a small change to its user login protocol that practically barred access from all Linux clients. IM services Pidgin and Kopete were hit and responded quickly.

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Apache SSHD Java Library in First Release

Jun 19, 2009

Apache SSHD, a Java implementation of the Secure Shell (SSH) protocol is available in its first version 0.1.0.

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Open Letter to Google's Eric Schmidt Requesting HTTPS

Jun 17, 2009

Google Mail, Calendar and Docs could be vulnerable. That's the argument an open letter to Google's CEO Eric Schmidt makes, thereby asking him to adopt the HTTPS standard for data transfers for these applications.

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Tor Packages for Red Flag Linux

Jun 12, 2009

Tor packages for the Chinese distro Red Flag are helping users elude censorship in Internet cafes in China.

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Boot and Work Faster: Kernel 2.6.30 has arrived

Jun 10, 2009

Thanks to the already implemented fastboot patches, the new Kernel 2.6.30 has the ability to recognize hard disks simultaneously and therefore significantly quicker. Ext 4 operates more securely, and Ext 3 increases performance.

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Adobe Security Patches Good for Win and Mac Only

Jun 10, 2009

Adobe Reader and Acrobat have been burdened with security problems. The Windows and Mac versions are now being patched. Linux users will have to wait.

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May 31, 2009
While I am not new to Linux, I still have some confusion. My dilemma is: “What distro to use and why?” I have tried v......
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SELinux Sandbox for Untrusted Programs

May 28, 2009

The security framework SELinux is set to offer a Sandbox in which applications deemed insecure can be partitioned off from other system areas.

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