Security Lessons: Self-Defense Separating the wheat from the chaff

Feb 02, 2012

Attackers impose a high price on your limited resources. We look at some ways to separate the good from the bad.

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Security Lessons: Interoperability Interoperability and code reuse

Jan 03, 2012

Developing cross-platform apps can be difficult and error prone. We offer some tips to ease the work.

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Security Lessons: Rescue Tools Rescuing data from attackers

Nov 30, 2011

When attackers strike your system, you need to determine exactly what damage has been done. Here are some tools to help.

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Security Lessons: Password Storage Storing your passwords properly

Sep 23, 2011

High-performance graphics cards and proper storage can help keep your passwords secure.

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November 2011: DVD Inlay Issue #132

Sep 23, 2011
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On the DVD: BackTrack 5 R

Sep 23, 2011

This issue’s DVD comes with the BackTrack 5 R1 [1][2][3] pen test distribution. BackTrack provides a great collection of pen testing and security auditing tools. You can boot into BackTrack Live from the DVD or install BackTrack permanently on your hard disk.

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Wireshark 1.6 Released

Jun 08, 2011

The Wireshark free network sniffer rolls out 1.6 release with advanced features.

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Security Lessons: JTAG Hacking Owning your own stuff

May 31, 2011

Who’s device is it? Just because you bought it doesn’t mean you can look inside. But the Internet has plenty of resources for jailbreakers.

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Issue 38: 101 Cool Linux Hacks/Special Editions

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